Carpe Diem


As the day begins, I hope you remember these 3 things: Inner peace is when you realize that you don’t have to have to figure it out all at once, taking a step back is sometimes necessary for you to keep things in perspective and practicing gratitude is always key to making more room for good things to come into your life.



Nobody ever says that, that those who fear falling in love have this tendency to be more affectionate and nurturing and gentle lovers. It’s not the fear of “falling in love” that they’re actually afraid of but the fear of “being in love.” The fear of being somewhere they’ve always wanted and the fear of not being worthy enough of it.

The Truth About Love


The truth about love is that it’s both energizing and draining. It makes you better, and sometimes it makes you worse. It allows you to breathe and all of the sudden it suffocates you. It feels sad, and in the end, it’s the thing that keeps you going. It’s the thing that you should never ever give up on.