New Age Poets Society Restoration 🌷

New Age Poets Society

I founded this group early this year, and it lost its fire for a while, but I am here now to rekindle its flames. New Age Poets Society is for aspiring poets in this digital age. You can learn more here: 🌷

On Dealing With My Own Writer’s Block


This my writing problem: I’m indecisive with the words I want to choose. There are so many possible ways a piece of writing can manifest itself. I don’t know if I want to choose the word beautiful or lovely or gorgeous. I don’t know if I started a piece right or ended a piece wrong. I don’t know if I wrote something too early or too late. Feelings are so hard to put into words. That’s why I think it’s important to set deadlines so when it’s done; it’s done. There’s no need to play with it or jolly it up. There’s only the next poem or prose. Moving on to the next big or small piece of writing is the only way a writer can stay alive in the art of creating. It’s both simple and complicated like that.

Writing Tips


  1. Start with the small goal of writing one sentence a day, and you’ll write a thousand. Simplicity is the best form of writing, and the only way to be a writer is to sit down and begin with that first word.
  2. Said is not dead.
  3. Using the word very is lazy, but most people are very lazy. Using very instead of a complicated word is okay. In fact, it’s very okay.
  4. Same goes for really. “I really love you, and it’s really making my writing about my own sadness really hard because you really make me happy.”
  5. Sometimes you just have to use “in order to” instead of “to” because it just feels right in order to make your own poem sound really from the heart and it’s not redundant darling it’s very beautiful.
  6. There’s a saying that goes “bird by bird, buddy” and same goes with writing. Just take it word by word by word, and you’ll make a prose, a quote, or a poem. All you have to do is sit down and bleed your heart out.
  7. Breathe.
  8. Just enjoy the process.
  9. You are a word scientist.
  10. You are not an aspiring writer. You are a writer.

‘You’ll Find Me Hiding Somewhere In Between The Words I Write And Didn’t Write’—An Interview With Poetess Cynthia Go


1. This is your first interview. I am a big fan of your works. Can you start by telling the readers a little bit about yourself?

Hi! First of all, thank you so much for having me here. I’m a big fan of your writings too! Hmmm, something about myself… that’s always been a hard question to answer. I’m Cynthia, I write prose and poetry on my blog, and I just recently published my first book, Hearts and Empires. I’m a graduate of Psychology, and I can describe myself as both a dreamer and realist.


2. You are a woman of poetry. Your works have been loved and shared around the web. What does that mean to you? Have you always wanted to be a poetess growing up? If so what were your inspirations in becoming one?

No, I’d never wanted to become a poet or a writer. I’d never even imagined it. But I do love to write. I love documenting and writing my thoughts so that I could one day go back to it. And I mostly write for myself. It sounds selfish I know, but if you ask or request me to write something for you, given a certain topic, I would really have a hard time. That’s why I’m grateful to all those who shared my writings and to those who expressed that they could relate to it. I’m glad that my writings could touch others’ hearts and I could somehow help them indirectly.

3. You have just released your debut poetry and prose collection Hearts & Empires. Can you tell us about it? What inspired you to write this piece of literature?

Like I said, I’d never really aspired to be a writer, much more write a book! But I’ve gotten so many requests to write for one, so I did. 🙂 So, I’ve written Hearts and Empires for all those who requested for it. 🙂 


4. What are your writing habits? Do you write every day? Where do you love to write the most?

There was a time I forced myself to write every single day, and it left me exhausted and drained. So I stopped doing that, and I just write now whenever the mood strikes me. Though that wasn’t really advisable! I might go back to writing every day again though. It’s a lot more productive.

I write anywhere, usually using my phone, or sometimes I memorized the passing words in my mind until I could write or type it down.


5. What’s the best piece of writing advice you ever received?

Write the passing thoughts of your mind. There are pieces of gems on those thoughts. I forgot where I read or get this. I think it was from one of Lang Leav’s interview.


6. What’s your MBTI personality?

INFJ! We took this test before when I was a student in Psychology, and I took it again after graduating. It always yields the same result for me. 


7. Favorite books and authors?

I love fantasy books. So most of the authors I adore wrote in fantasy genre too. My favorites are Maria V. Snyder of Study Series. I’ve read her first book, Poison Study, in about four times already! She’s that good. Then, Cassandra Clare of the Mortal Instruments series. Holly Black, though I haven’t yet read all of her books but she’s really good, especially her book the Darkest Part of the Forest. Of course, J.K Rowling. I like also Rainbow Rowell, for the YA genre. And I could go on and on, there’s just so many great authors out there. For the poetry genre, I’m partial to Nikita Gill over all the other famous poets out there today. There’s just a certain quality, power, and strength in her pieces.


8. In some of your pieces, you talk about alternate realities. Do you believe that they exist?

To quote John Lennon, “I believe in everything until it is disproved.” So yes, in a way I think alternate realities may be possible, as well as past lives. I mean, angels and demons are real even if we couldn’t see them, what more about the other possibilities out there that humans, because of our limited sense and capability, just couldn’t fathom?


9. What do you hope to do in the future? I’ve heard your planning to write novels. Tell us about that.

I hope one day to become a full-time writer! I’m enjoying it now. And yes, I’m currently working on a novel, and another side project. I might use a pen name though. I like the anonymity, the liberty to write anything I want, and the idea of having a fresh start. 🙂


10. Lastly, what would you like to tell your readers?

To my readers, thank you! Thank you for all the support. I wouldn’t even start to write a book if it wasn’t because of you. And thank you because somehow I realized this is my dream, to write and publish a book. And I wouldn’t realize it if it wasn’t because of you.

Also, I know most of my readers aren’t just readers but also aspiring writers like me. For all the writers among the readers, we could do it!


You can find more about at her website:  ❤

You can grab a copy of her debut poetry and prose collection Hearts & Empires here: ❤