August 9, 2018


I understand actually, what it’s like to feel like the only way to understand the pain is to self-destruct. Real family or friends aren’t there all the time for me and most of the time loneliness consumes me when they’re nowhere to be found. That’s why there’s cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol because sometimes I don’t have that option that others have which is to reach out. But when I finally have the chance to talk to someone I don’t. I have a problem with trusting people, and I love sleeping pills too much.

I Want To Take Sleeping Pills Every Night But I Can’t And It Makes Me Pissed

A Sleeping Pill Problem

I’ve been taking sleeping pills for a week now.

And it has been a miracle for me, for my insomnia.

I could sleep early and wake up fresh and happy.


The problem is I’m down to my last one.

And I had no idea these things are limited.

If I knew I could’ve cut these pills in half to make it last for another week or so.


I just need another alternative here.

Hopefully, my psychiatrist prescribes at least 15 pills the next time I see her.

That would be enough for a half dose each night for an entire month.


And hopefully, I could sleep tonight.