New Age Poets Society Restoration 🌷

New Age Poets Society

I founded this group early this year, and it lost its fire for a while, but I am here now to rekindle its flames. New Age Poets Society is for aspiring poets in this digital age. You can learn more here: 🌷



Hey, fellow writers/bloggers/humans/readers 🙂

I am somehow finished with my poetry collection manuscript, and it’s 300 pages and eleven thousand words. I might add or subtract some pieces in the future, but I think it’s really solid now. Haha. Finally. 🙂 

What really helped me with organizing my poetry collection were clear books. Lots and lots of clear books. PC folders. Lots and lots of PC folders. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee that really heightened my productivity and anxiety for the past couple of days. And not to mention that I stayed awake for two straight days this week. (And I didn’t even take smart drugs) (And I don’t do smart drugs anymore)

Anyway, my poetry collection is going to be about depression, mental illness, love, loss, and self-love. And what’s really really making me sad and unexcited and anxious about this whole thing is the interior design.

You know….. things like: margins, spacing, fonts, and all of that. And I just can’t literally do it. And I’m really opting to just have it professionally done because I’m really bad at dealing with minor details. And I don’t want to blame myself in the future just in case I screw up with something. 

As for the book cover, a high school friend of mine is doing it for me. So I am really thankful for him. 

And I guess that’s it for now. 🙂 

Christmas is near. And I just wish all of you a merry merry Christmas! 🙂