A Love Note to Self: ‘This too shall pass’


But when you’re going through depression, you’ll think it will always be like this. You’ll think it will always be painful. You’ll think it will always be exhausting. You’ll think it will always be lifeless, restless, numbing and soul-crushing. You’ll think that the darkness will always be there until the sun rises in your life again and convinces you that nothing in this life is permanent including your sickness. Time heals all wounds even the invisible ones that feel like madness.

The Importance of Introspection


Tiredness happens when what you love, what you prioritize and what you believe in are in total chaos with each other. To restore your energy is to wander back into your inner world for a day, a week or a month in order for you to attain some balance, mental clarity, and gentle strength to efficiently function as a calm, positive and creative human being once again.

A Good Choice


There will be days when you’re going to feel like you’re not making the right choices in life. But there will be nights when you’re still left with a choice to hold yourself together before you sleep: Take care of yourself.