Expect nothing good to happen in your life for a while. This will eventually pass, and you will be you again as you take every painful hour to hurt, to bleed, and to eventually—heal. The only thing you need now more than anything is to rest.

Death, Grief & Loss Poetry



Confessions of a Wallflower, my debut poetry collection, is #30 in death, grief & loss poetry! Thank you so much to everyone who purchased. It means so much. ❤  

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Mental Health Awareness Month

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It’s National Mental Health Awareness Month. 

Confessions of a Wallflower is a collection of poetry, prose, quotes, and personal journals that talks about my own experiences with mental illness, self-love, love, loss, and healing when I was 19 years old. It’s a journey to pain, sorrow, and suffering where the only destination is hope.

This piece of my soul is available for sale here: ✿

How To Truly Shine


Reminder: you’re a human being, and your capabilities are limited in a world filled with unlimited possibilities. Learn to take one step back every time you take two steps forward. Learn to know when your body needs to rest and relax to be more efficient for the tomorrows to come. Learn to unlearn the philosophy that over exhausting yourself is the only way to success. Learn the difference between commitment and self-endangerment and also the difference between shining and burning. Because lots of people these days are being taught to work on fumes that they forget about things like self-care and balance. And lots of people are sleeping less and drinking coffee more. And lots of people are burning out before having the chance to truly shine. So learn to drink more water, drink less coffee. Learn to sleep more and exercise more and have balance and self-care in life more because this is how you truly grow, this is how you truly shine.

I’m Trying


I hate my face.
But I’m trying to find the beauty and love in it.
By getting the haircut I want.
By facial treatments and diamond peels.
By going to the dentist to get my teeth fixed.

I hate my body.
But I’m trying to find the beauty and love in it.
By running five miles a day and eating healthy food.
By getting a massage once a month and a body scrub.
By trying not to smoke too much.

I hate my brain.
But I’m trying to find the beauty and love in it.
By seeking help from psychiatrists and psychologists.
By taking my medications every day as required.
By believing that there’s always hope.

I hate myself, but I’m trying to love me one day.