Pursuit of Healing


Follow your dreams. It’s okay to walk. It’s okay to crawl. Heck, it’s okay to rest and recharge when you’re tired and continue on your journey the next day. It’s okay not to chase, and it’s okay to travel on your own pace. What matters is that you fall in love with your journey. What matters is that you never give up on following your stars.

Small Packages


Recovery comes in small packages. It finds you and gives you little things to hold on to when you’re feeling hopeless. Like for the days you practiced gratefulness, you notice that you’re slowly starting to appreciate where you are in the here and now—you become more aware of the beautiful things that are already within you that will help you to grow. Like for the nights you practiced self-care, you notice that you wake up more early and feel less tired—you become more awake to the things that are genuinely important to you and the ones that are simply a waste of your precious time. Progress happens when you least expect it to happen and when you become mindful that it is happening, moment by moment, day after day, from sunrise to sunset, then you will be surprised by the miracle of how far you’ve actually come and how you should always keep moving forward.

Healing Is Boring


Healing is not always soft clothes, a bubble bath with scented candles, acoustic music, and black coffee. Sometimes healing is boring. Sometimes healing is sleeping early, taking your medications at the right prescribed time, cleaning your room, taking mindful afternoon walks and meditating at least ten minutes per day.

Healing is not always a magical moment you get from watching a Ted talk or reading an online self-help article. Sometimes healing isn’t glamorous. Sometimes healing is simply doing the boring work that takes daily practice, self-control, and strong commitment because it’s not something that happens overnight. Sometimes you simply have to take a step back and cleanse yourself from technology every once in a while and discover parts of yourself that you can cultivate into helping you survive that next panic attack.

Healing is not always as exciting as looking at the stars but focusing on your progress and making serious efforts in taking care of yourself as you remember to breathe will eventually lead you to a place where you can find some beauty in your road to recovery.