Pessimism of Kindness

Pessimism of Kindness

The Meaning of Life


The meaning of life is anything you do that prevents you from killing yourself.

The meaning of life can be staring at the clouds instead of your bedroom ceiling, cuddling with the person you love and knowing for yourself that sometimes that’s the best feeling. The meaning of life can be watching your favorite TV series, reading profound quotes on the internet, writing a poem about sadness and taking good care of your pet. The meaning of life can be eating your favorite kind of pizza, listening to your favorite song on the radio and listening to your heart still beating and knowing that as long as it’s still beating there is always space for breathing.

The meaning of life is creating hope from the little things so when you’re feeling discouraged, helpless and alone, you’ll always have a way to cope for you to find your path towards better things.

Pessimism of Kindness


My religion is seeing the glass half empty and offering the water inside of it to those who are in need of understanding. I am a pessimist of kindness. Life goes terribly wrong indeed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help a fellow human being find their way towards the light while possessing a little bit of sadness in our souls.



Being compassionate doesn’t mean that you’re always kind, caring and sensitive towards others. It means that despite what has happened to you during the day you choose not to contribute to the suffering of others and sometimes that is enough.

pessimism of strength


the philosophical cure 
to anxiety 
is not optimism 
but rather pessimism.

optimism says 
“the world is beautiful
and there’s no reason to be sad.”

pessimism says
“look at all these countries
waging wars  
let’s go get some ice cream
and just listen to some sad records.”

I Am The Architect of My Own Destruction, page 92