Obsessive Compulsive Writers: How Do You Cope Up?

My Life as a Writer with OCD 

I’m tired.

I haven’t been to therapy yet, but I can’t live like this.

I’ve been trying to stop the habitual rituals that are nonsensical.

To be honest, I have this urge to delete this blog and start over again.

But that would only worsen my OCD, and I might regret that action later.

But I really would love to start over.


I count numbers when I do things, and it’s weird.

Like I have to do everything 3 times.

And it’s driving me crazy.


I reread sentences in books 3 times.

I proofread my blog posts 3 times.

And I even have this urge to proofread my old blog posts.

I sometimes edit those old blog posts because of an awkward sentence.

Or a misspelled word, a wrong punctuation, or simply a bad choice of words.

And nothing can annoy me better than tags and categories.


OCD has affected my main project which is a romance novel.

When it’s not working out, I feel like I should start over again.

And I just delete my work and start over again.


I’m tired.

And I only have one question for the OCD writers out there.

How do you cope up?