I love people who are aware of how sad, beautiful, and chaotic existence is and with that knowledge chooses to live a life of non-conformity. I love people who are rebels, who seeks the truth instead of the endless pursuit of survival when it comes to trying to fit it. I love people who are dreamers, lovers, and wanderers for their sense of a destination comes from following their hearts despite what sufferings their passions and desires may bring. I love people who are out of this world but still chooses to stay grounded to reality in some hope that one day it will be so much better than what they always wish for in those peaceful moments of staring at the stars.


The calm poem


just chill.


find a stillness in you,
a river of peace.


make a boat, 
make it simple and don’t rush.


and take your time.


be grateful,
for the resources of your boat.


be appreciative,
for your strength and ingenuity.


just chill.


and take your time 
for the current and the wind to be in favor with your pace.


are a sailor of destiny


towards the unknown with soft faith.


down into the fall you go


just chill.


and finally, an ocean of serendipity.


seagulls of enlightenment.