The Healer’s Life


Be a healer. Be a shoulder for someone to cry on every once in a while. Listen to what their heart has to say and offer them your unconditional tenderness, support, and sympathy as you calmly prepare them a cup of tea. Tell them “It will eventually be okay” as you little by little restore their energy back to the serenity of love.


Small Packages


Recovery comes in small packages. It finds you and gives you little things to hold on to when you’re feeling hopeless. Like for the days you practiced gratefulness, you notice that you’re slowly starting to appreciate where you are in the here and now—you become more aware of the beautiful things that are already within you that will help you to grow. Like for the nights you practiced self-care, you notice that you wake up more early and feel less tired—you become more awake to the things that are genuinely important to you and the ones that are simply a waste of your precious time. Progress happens when you least expect it to happen and when you become mindful that it is happening, moment by moment, day after day, from sunrise to sunset, then you will be surprised by the miracle of how far you’ve actually come and how you should always keep moving forward.

describing my depression to her


‘you say 
you have depression
how does your depression 
feel like?’
she carefully asked.

‘it’s like waking up every morning
to a breaking heart,’ I carefully replied. 
‘and it feels like the entire day 
is already over when in fact the entire day 
has only just begun.’

Morning Star


Find out what makes you powerful, what sets you apart from people and reveals everything that is beautiful about you. Is it your kindness? Your passions? Your tenacity in times when everything in your life feels like falling apart? Learn that version of you that makes you shine. You don’t have to figure it all out all at once. You only have to take it day by day.