Dear human, it is already late. Where have you been? All the other flowers in the garden have already started blooming. But wait, hold on—do not despair. Do not be too quick to self-loathing, self-pity and self-hate. See this moment instead as an opportunity to see your most powerful blessing—the wisdom of knowing who you truly are at the root of all your patience and suffering. For it is in that moment when you truly know who you are can you then understand the courage it will take for you to bloom towards what you truly desire.




when you bloom
doesn’t define who you are.

a person can bloom
at the age of 17, 35 or 73 and still 
be left empty,
not good enough,
and wanting for more.

my darling, 
carefully listen to these words:

‘where you bloom
is what truly defines who you are.’

that place in your life 
where there is an abundance of joy.

that place in your life
where there is a handful of purpose.

you can bloom in kindness.

you can bloom in service 
to a cause that you truly believe
will make this world a much better place.

you can bloom in friendship
and you can bloom in the truth which is 
that from the very first day god planted you into 
this planet you were already made beautiful and whole.

it was simply the day 
that something or someone made you feel like 
life is a race that persuaded you into thinking otherwise.

Late Bloomers Club


Don’t worry too much about blooming late in life, my friend. As late bloomers, we ourselves understand that great things take time. We tend to learn from the experiences of others who’ve bloomed so early in life in order for us to make the right choices and in order for us to avoid making the wrong ones. We tend to appreciate our milestones more for the very reason that we ourselves know that life is not a race. Life is about focusing on the progress we make on our own fucking pace for we weren’t born to fit in—we were born for the sole purpose of blooming patiently, gracefully and without a doubt—brilliantly. So be brave, my friend and be your own kind of magic.



you’re twenty
and you have nine
years left to be a success.

that’s what 
the world wants
to tell us these days.

it’s either 
you’re twenty-nine
and happily married
with a business like a 
cupcake store or like a 

and if you don’t
have any of those, 

that’s it for you, 
you’re finished, 
you’re doomed.

but it doesn’t
have to be that way.

life is not
about the destination
and life is not about the journey

life is about
growing for yourself
on your own healthy pace.

late bloomers are 
real and things take time.

things take time.

Is It Too Late To Learn?

Famous Late Bloomers

Late Bloomers

(Infographic by Funders and Founders)

In my previous post, I talked about how I consider myself as a late bloomer. And today I want to share this infographic to show the world how it’s possible to catch up in life no matter the age. That deep inside every person lies a talent that makes them who they are.

Late bloomers are common in the fields that require creativity or imagination like arts and innovation.

However, late bloomers are rare in the fields that require logic and rationality like math and sciences. But who knows you’re maybe one of the rare late bloomers 🙂

I am a Late Bloomer

What is a Late Bloomer? 

A late bloomer is a person whose talents or capabilities are not visible to others until later than usual.


Me as a Late Bloomer 

I do consider myself as a late bloomer even though I’m still 19 years old. In the past, I never really knew what my real passion was, and I thought it was acting and music, but it didn’t feel right. Especially when it was so hard for me to perform in front of many people.

I also thought it was psychology, helping depressed people like me to be better. But I recently found out that I have bipolar disorder 2, and it’s now an awkward field to pursue. Although, I’m proud of those people who are bipolar and psychologists at the same time.

Now I decided not to use the word ‘thought’ or ‘think,’ but to use the word ‘felt’ or ‘feel.’ I felt and feel that all my life my passion was right in front of my eyes. Not noticing that I always loved writing and writing and writing since I was a young boy.


What Made Me A Late Bloomer?


The Education System

The education system made me feel stupid. Students thought only maths and sciences made them smart. I felt stupid because the education system never really nourished my talents and judged me in the things I had no talent for.


My Parents

They had little value for my artistic talents. They forced me in a tourism course. And they forced me to stay away from my artistic ambitions. From being a musician or an artist. Only to be surprised now that writing is my natural gift.


Being An Undiagnosed Bipolar Person

In the past, I knew that I was clinically depressed and my parents wouldn’t listen, thinking it was just ‘a phase.’ Until finally my mom brought me to a psychiatrist and to find out later that I have bipolar type 2. And everything made sense from that day.


What made me a late bloomer is mostly the way I am.


A Thankful Late Bloomer

Thankfully, I snapped out of from it all and realized that there’s still lots of hope because I am still a young man.

I still thank the education system for teaching me useful and useless stuff.

I still thank my parents for their financial support.

I still thank God or the universe for giving me bipolar disorder type 2 because it’s who I am and it’s what makes me a creative and unique person.


In The Process of Being a Late Bloomer

I’m now in the process of blooming as a writer.

And music and acting would always have a place in my heart.

And psychology would always have a place in my mind.


I love my life, even more, knowing that there are other flowers out there.

Flowers that are thought to be dead.

Flowers that are yet to bloom.


I have one question before this reaches 500 words:

Are you also a late bloomer?