Sad Friends

Sad Friends

That is all I need in a friend: someone who I can be comfortably sad with.


The Healer’s Life


Be a healer. Be a shoulder for someone to cry on every once in a while. Listen to what their heart has to say and offer them your unconditional tenderness, support, and sympathy as you calmly prepare them a cup of tea. Tell them “It will eventually be okay” as you little by little restore their energy back to the serenity of love.



Being compassionate doesn’t mean that you’re always kind, caring and sensitive towards others. It means that despite what has happened to you during the day you choose not to contribute to the suffering of others and sometimes that is enough.

A Hit of Fresh Sunshine


Travel, adventure, a close circle of friends you consider family are very important for your mental health. Even if it’s just a walk at the park, watching the movies or a night drive with your closest friend, binge watching netflix with your favorite cousin or even accompanying your mother to the grocery store and talk about life, sadness, and bittersweet memories. These little things matter very much to remind you fiercely that you are not alone and that you are loved.