real friends

real friends


Just A Word of Advice


Just a word of advice on days you get depressed: Be gentle with yourself. Read your favorite novel or watch your favorite movie. Plan a trip to the beach. Call a friend and be vulnerable and set up a meet. Listen to your favorite song and maybe cry for a bit. Write all of your depressive feelings on a journal or a piece of paper. Someday you’ll look back at all of this and feel victorious that you kept yourself going. That you kept yourself occupied with things while not abstaining from your true feelings. That you kept believing that things will get better and they did.

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This is dedicated to my best friend.

Happy birthday, man. Thank you so much for everything. I think without you the world would be a much more horrible place for me to live. Thank you for hanging out with me and bringing me out to the world in times when I am really afraid to get out of the house. Thank you for encouraging me to live that one time when I messaged you on Facebook when I was feeling very suicidal. Sometimes when I lose all hope you’re one of those people I think about. You’re family to me, and I just can’t imagine my life without you in it. Even when the sun dies our friendship will endure when we’re nothing but souls.