If You’re Going To Love Yourself, Never Give Up


If you’re going to love yourself, never give up, and this means accepting your suffering as a part of your becoming. This may lead to hitting rock bottom before finding who you really are as a human being that needs a purpose. This may lead to loneliness due to a lack of conformity as you grow a sense of individuality. This may lead to ridicule from the people who don’t understand your vision, your goals. Sometimes these are the people you love, and this may lead to burning bridges and cutting relationships that are toxic and hindering your growth.

If you’re going to love yourself, never give up, and this means not settling for less and becoming the architect of your life. This may lead to overthinking and feeling too much. This may lead to the realization of your past mistakes. This may lead to living with regrets and choosing some self-destructive habits just to keep going. This may lead to suicidal thinking and still choose to live. The cure for suicide is choosing one more day and always one more day.

If you’re going to love yourself, never give up, and this means creating yourself in your pursuit of excellence. This may lead to losing your belief in god as you create your own values, as you carve your own path. This may lead to designing your own character as if you were writing a poem, painting or playing a musical instrument. You are a genius and deep inside you know that there is greatness in you and it scares, and it’s okay. The fear of greatness is the greatest feeling there is because that’s where it all starts. Your inner journey to becoming who you are.

If you’re going to love yourself, never give up, and this means taking care of yourself through believing in yourself and loving your wounds into flowers. There’s beauty in your failures. It means you tried. It means you’ll eventually succeed as long as you remember to always breathe.

If you’re going to love yourself, never give up. That’s the only way to freedom.


June 19, 2017


How can I fix my mind if my mind is where the problem is in the first place? It’s getting hard to live day by day when all I could think of is my death. Along with a negative stream of irrational thoughts that haunts me minute after minute after minute.

Do I have free will? Does the butterfly effect cause alternate realities to exist where I could’ve been perfect? Is choosing death the ultimate real choice to freedom?

I’ve been walking around my room back and forth back and forth several times a day feeling very restless and angry. Contemplating about my death. Smashing ice cubes and hangers on to the wall. Arranging and rearranging things. Shouting occasionally.

It isn’t enough that I am understood by the people who love me. I am suffering and there’s no cure to my thought process. Some days I don’t even feel like anything exists. Some days I don’t even feel like I’m the real me.

I am powerless. I am flight. I am panic. I am anxiety. I am a soul that would eventually be set free from this world.

The World We Built (An Oratorical Piece)

The World We Built

The World We Painted

The life of a human being comes from a set of callings.

Some are called to live with something to leave.

Some are called to live with nothing to leave.


The truth is, everybody has something to leave when they leave.

The world they built.


People build their own worlds to change what they see in this world.

But people don’t see it.

And they still ask questions like who’s going to change this cruel world?



It’s not a question of who’s going to change this world.

It’s a question of who’s going to build this world.


Don’t we see that mother earth gives birth to new worlds every day?

Worlds that comes from ideas, perceptions, and dreams!

Worlds that comes from dreamers!


I am a dreamer.

A dreamer who dreams of a world that is free to dream.

A dreamer who dreams of a world that is free to build their dreams.


Because the only way to change this world is to build the next one.