Publishing a Poetry Book Is Not a Joke

My first e-book storyΒ 

Wallflowers (A Book of Poetry)

My e-book at LuluΒ has been retired because I felt like I rushed it. As you can see the book cover has no art and the content of the book has no art as well. Some of the poems are rubbish, and it’s not really worth people’s $1.99. And I’m too embarrassed to show it for free because people might not enjoy it. Although some of the poems in that book are in this blog.

I’ll work on another poetry book with a much solid topic and theme. Hopefully, I can find someone who would do the book cover art for me, as well as the art illustrations for each poem, and how the fonts would work out throughout the whole book. Hopefully, I can find someone who would do all of that for me for a reasonable price in the future.

Publishing a poetry book is really not a joke. Lesson learned.

Wallflowers (A Book of Poetry)


A Book of Poetry

Wallflowers (A Book of Poetry)

A short book of poetry combined with short stories about Dreaming, Nature, People, Faith, and their Inner Demons.


This is my first book published at Lulu Bookstore. You can buy it for only $2.99.


Please if you love my poems, please go to the link below and give it a 5-star rating plus a good review. I’ll be very grateful.


This is the first edition πŸ™‚


Wallflowers (A Book of Poetry)