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Two Types of Dreamers

Two Types of Dreamers

There are two types of dreamers: the first is very sensitive but creative and the second is very secretive but adaptive, and I think I am capable of being both.

The World We Built (An Oratorical Piece)

The World We Built

The World We Painted

The life of a human being comes from a set of callings.

Some are called to live with something to leave.

Some are called to live with nothing to leave.


The truth is, everybody has something to leave when they leave.

The world they built.


People build their own worlds to change what they see in this world.

But people don’t see it.

And they still ask questions like who’s going to change this cruel world?



It’s not a question of who’s going to change this world.

It’s a question of who’s going to build this world.


Don’t we see that mother earth gives birth to new worlds every day?

Worlds that comes from ideas, perceptions, and dreams!

Worlds that comes from dreamers!


I am a dreamer.

A dreamer who dreams of a world that is free to dream.

A dreamer who dreams of a world that is free to build their dreams.


Because the only way to change this world is to build the next one.