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I’m going to die one day. And that fact alone should force me to live my life to the fullest. But I’m the opposite way around. I want to die because I am consistently eaten up by nothingness.

Confessions of a Wallflower, page 69

National Poetry Month

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It’s national poetry month! Write those poems! Read those poetry books! It would be a lovely time to support the works of poets like me. ❤ 

Get a piece of my soul here: ✿  

Ground Zero


Hey, fellow humans. 🙂 So here’s my debut poetry collection titled “Confessions of a Wallflower” It’s now available on Amazon & Createspace. The reason why the interior is white is that supposedly my book should have interior art, but sadly there were some complications and technical problems involved, so I just decided to remove it. Hopefully, it’ll have interior art in the near future before this year ends. 

It was hard arranging this poetry collection because it contains so many pieces inside it. And I think that I arranged it well. Hopefully I did because I’m so over it. Haha. And I did have fun writing it. 🙂 It’s divided into four parts: The Depression, The Love, The Loss, and The Self-Love. 🙂

Thank you so much for everyone who supports my writings here on WordPress, especially those who suffers from mental illness like me. I wish every single one of you hope and healing. ✿