23 Lessons from Eeyore

1. It’s okay not to be happy all the time.
2. The world is exhausting because it’s too optimistic that it hurts.
3. It could be worse.
4. Some mornings are just meant to be terrible.
5. Some people will never get tired of your tiredness. Love them.
6. Some friends will outgrow you, but that doesn’t mean that they no longer care for you.
7. Some friends will outshine you, but that doesn’t mean that they no longer love you for being you.
8. It’s okay to be alone and not feel lonely.
9. It’s okay to be alone, especially if it’s a Saturday night at your house.
10. Sometimes the truth is nobody will be there at your most jaded moments.
11. Embrace solitude.
12. Not expecting too much from life can protect you from disappointments.
13. Pessimists can be great thinkers.
14. Talking slow and dull doesn’t mean you’re stupid.
15. You can be sad and still go on adventures with the people who notice you for who you really are, and that’s alright.
16. You can be sad and still be helpful even though you’re usually the helpless one.
17. Don’t take life too seriously.
18. But having a nice tail is important. Your aestheticness, style, and fashion are important. Just looking good at a new cute outfit can make your day.
19. The rain will one day stop, and everything will feel beautiful but it would rain again, and that’s life.
20. There are people who will always remember your birthday and would go the extra mile to make you feel special.
21. The void between sadness and satisfaction can be filled with sarcasm.
22. It’s all going to be okay no matter how bad, terrible or severe things would get and it would get worse eventually, but you’ll survive.
23. Like the grey donkey, don’t forget to be grateful and say “Thanks for noticin’ me,”

describing my depression to her


‘you say 
you have depression
how does your depression 
feel like?’
she carefully asked.

‘it’s like waking up every morning
to a breaking heart,’ I carefully replied. 
‘and it feels like the entire day 
is already over when in fact the entire day 
has only just begun.’

Today Is Sunday

Hello. It’s Sunday today, and I didn’t go to church with my family today because I had a severe panic attack last night. I haven’t eaten since this morning. And I vomited last night’s meal. And I couldn’t stop crying. 

Tumblr hasn’t been working for me all day yesterday and today. I e-mailed them about the problem, but they haven’t responded. Maybe they’re doing something about it. Maybe they’re not. A few people are also experiencing it. 

But I guess if this is the end of my writing career there then I guess I should accept it even though I have 5k followers there. 

I guess the universe pulled the plug for a reason. But I am really devastated right now. I am watching my empire burn. 

And I think right now. All I want is a simple life with my mom and the other people that I consider family. 

And I’ll just help with the family business in any way that I can. I don’t want to be a burden to my mom. She is the only reason that I haven’t killed myself because I know that she loves me. And I really love her as well. 

So yeah. I still have a poetry book to self-publish regardless of everything burning. And I’m dedicating it to my mom. The person who took good care of me. The person who really understands my mental illness. And I don’t really mind if it’s only me who buys my book.

It would be for my own hope to live. 

We Are Winning Against Stigma


I must say that the advocacy against mental health stigma is thriving.

We are on the winning side in this constant battle. And that is because of the people who openly and shamelessly post about their mental illness on social media not because they’re attention seekers but because they want to prove to society that mental illness is not a made up fairy tale.

So to the girl who posted a picture of how thin she was because of anorexia and how she gained weight now, I am proud that you’re eating well now.

To the boy who posted a picture of his scars half a year ago, I am proud that you’re not cutting yourself anymore. And that takes a lot of courage and willpower. Well done.

And to everyone who writes, muse, or make poems about mental illness, I am happy that you are alive in this universe because you have a story to tell that may change people’s lives forever.

Brothers and sisters. As long as we don’t kill ourselves, we will not be oppressed. We will win this war. There is hope.