A Christmas Wish


I hope your December becomes magical for you. I hope you experience the kind of happiness that’s made from experiencing warm memories with the people you love. I hope you give some random speeches of gratitude to the ones who keep your peace of mind like your best friend’s good listening skills, the friendly waiter who smiles at you as he or she serves your favorite meal every Tuesday or the person who feels like the love of your life whenever you see him or her at church every Sunday. I hope you’d be reminded this season that you are not alone, and the support you give to those who need them is just as much precious as the support you receive. I hope you make time to fool around, get less serious and just be proud of the person you became. I hope you live in moments of surprise hugs, interesting conversations, and spontaneous laughter because nothing in this life ever stays the same.

christmas feelings


my humans are smiling


as they unwrap their gifts

and say the words

“thank you”

“i love you”

“god bless”

and lastly the words

“merry christmas”


we’re all under the same

broken moon

but the flowers in me are happy

at last.


Esprit de famille

breathe in and breathe out.
you are surrounded by loved
ones today.
the food is good, and there are
so many stories to tell.
this is the season of expression.
this is the season of loving kindness.
be in love with your family.
be in love with your own flesh and blood.
breathe in and breathe out.
breathe in and breathe out and smile and laugh.
you are happy at this moment and this moment is your life.

Happy Christmas Season ❤

COAW Christmas ❤

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Bear wearing Santa hat with Christmas gift boxes on a white carpet at night

I don’t want a materialistic gift. I want a gift that brings back old warm memories. I want something that comes from the heart. Like how my mom made the mango cake she used to bake when I was six years old. Like how my friend gave me a copy of his favorite video game and how I gave him a copy of my favorite poetry book. It is in these kinds of gifts that I think I’ll treasure the act of giving and receiving. And it is in these kinds of gifts that I think I’ll treasure the spirit of Christmas.