Make Self-Care A Priority


Make self-care a weekly task. Don’t save it for times when you’re already burned out. Schedule it. Prioritize it. And most important of all, look forward to it as you go through the daily grind of life. Doesn’t it make the work feel better when you know that tomorrow you’ll be watching a new episode of a TV series that you’re starting to love? Doesn’t it make the stress feel lighter when you know that a week from now you’re going to the movies with someone you love? A massage salon? Or just eating fast food at an empty parking lot with a friend? Life is about getting excited about things that make you feel good because when you don’t then it’ll get dull, boring and depressing. So keep planning things that will make you excited to get through this day. Prioritize self-care at least once a week, a couple of days a month. Your soul will thank you for it because it will be so healthy with the things it’s looking forward to that you will be less sad. That’s what excitement is about: getting less sad and having more space to breathe, love and live.