Give yourself a break


Give yourself a break.

You don’t have to be productive every day
to feel like you are enough.

Make some time for afternoon naps,
cloud watching
and sunlight.

Recall every compliment
you’ve received lately and believe them.

Be aware of moments
when you can get out of your way to be kind
to someone and realize that you’re capable of change.

Take it to heart
how life can be so simple and so idle
and still be filled with much peace and much love.

Remember, every now and then
to be gentle with yourself and take some time
to go outside and breathe in the beauty of calmly evolving.

Your progress won’t be ruined
if you take some time to be realigned with yourself.

Take all the time you need.

Self-care is beautiful

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Self-destruction could also mean that you’re trying to be happy, productive and “being there for people” all the time. Happiness is good, but there’s beauty in giving yourself a warm cry every once in a while when things feel too much. Productivity is good, but there’s beauty in giving yourself a leisurely break from routine when you feel the need to restore your balance by taking a step back.  Being there for people is good, but there’s beauty in allowing yourself to say “no” when you already have enough things that your mind, body, and soul can handle. Self-care is the thing that allows you to shine, to sparkle and to glow without you ever having to burn out by means of overexertion.