Addiction is only beautiful at the start. It numbs you from the pain, the insecurity, and the anxiety until you finally feel those things again, and the cycle starts all over again. Then suddenly you can’t stop for the reason that it taught you how to survive. Escaping reality one day at a time and denying pain one moment at a time. It’s not something you really get over from unless you choose to live a brand new life where there are less triggers and more reminders that you are worthy of living a fresh, healthy and meaningful existence.


A New Life

The saddest thing about recovery is the illusion that you will be your old self again. When you are in recovery, you are in the process of becoming a new person with new set of ways to cope, with new set of ways to recharge and with new set of ways to find happiness. It’s basically starting a new life whether you like it or not.

The Meaning of Life


The meaning of life is anything you do that prevents you from killing yourself.

The meaning of life can be staring at the clouds instead of your bedroom ceiling, cuddling with the person you love and knowing for yourself that sometimes that’s the best feeling. The meaning of life can be watching your favorite TV series, reading profound quotes on the internet, writing a poem about sadness and taking good care of your pet. The meaning of life can be eating your favorite kind of pizza, listening to your favorite song on the radio and listening to your heart still beating and knowing that as long as it’s still beating there is always space for breathing.

The meaning of life is creating hope from the little things so when you’re feeling discouraged, helpless and alone, you’ll always have a way to cope for you to find your path towards better things.