A Christmas Wish


I hope your December becomes magical for you. I hope you experience the kind of happiness that’s made from experiencing warm memories with the people you love. I hope you give some random speeches of gratitude to the ones who keep your peace of mind like your best friend’s good listening skills, the friendly waiter who smiles at you as he or she serves your favorite meal every Tuesday or the person who feels like the love of your life whenever you see him or her at church every Sunday. I hope you’d be reminded this season that you are not alone, and the support you give to those who need them is just as much precious as the support you receive. I hope you make time to fool around, get less serious and just be proud of the person you became. I hope you live in moments of surprise hugs, interesting conversations, and spontaneous laughter because nothing in this life ever stays the same.



I love people who are aware of how sad, beautiful, and chaotic existence is and with that knowledge chooses to live a life of non-conformity. I love people who are rebels, who seeks the truth instead of the endless pursuit of survival when it comes to trying to fit it. I love people who are dreamers, lovers, and wanderers for their sense of a destination comes from following their hearts despite what sufferings their passions and desires may bring. I love people who are out of this world but still chooses to stay grounded to reality in some hope that one day it will be so much better than what they always wish for in those peaceful moments of staring at the stars.