sailor’s poem

sailor's poem


I want your 3 ams


I want your 3 ams, your thoughts
your hopes and dreams of you and me.

I crave to listen to your favorite songs,
visit the coffee shops you’ve been to and sing along 
to the music of the clouds being gloomy together
on our way to the beach.

I lust for those legs of yours, your lips, tongue,
the way you excessively blink your eyes whenever
you’re worried about how you’d like to look beautiful
and darling you are and to worship your body is a miracle.

I long for the things that inspire you to keep looking up,
the gravity that grounds you here with me on this blue planet
and I desire this, the being with you till’ all my wanting ceases.

The calm poem


just chill.


find a stillness in you,
a river of peace.


make a boat, 
make it simple and don’t rush.


and take your time.


be grateful,
for the resources of your boat.


be appreciative,
for your strength and ingenuity.


just chill.


and take your time 
for the current and the wind to be in favor with your pace.


are a sailor of destiny


towards the unknown with soft faith.


down into the fall you go


just chill.


and finally, an ocean of serendipity.


seagulls of enlightenment.