I once fell in love with a girl
who fell in love with trees
she adored seeing the hills, the stock,
and the cottages from afar always like
the first time I saw her.

She was wearing a floral dress
one Saturday afternoon 
and she was there way up her favorite tree
the mango tree that matches the way she covers
her mouth when she laughs just like the sound of birds.

I asked her right there and then
“Why are you so in love with trees?”
“Can you teach me how to love them too?”

She offered me her hand as I climbed
my way nearer and nearer to the top 
and her hand was as soft as a robin’s feather
I tried not to blush because my cheeks might get tender.

“Look at the everythingness of everything!” 
She uttered in such a way that was both childlike and romantic 
to my heart 
and there we were sitting together 
at that branch where we talked about the wonder of trees, 
fresh air, and nature where we promised to love each other 
like that September sunset carving 
our names to the bark of that mango tree where we cherished.


Star Stuff


All we have is forever —
In the vastness of the infinite —
Light travels back into space —
Homecoming of the festive spirit.

Love becomes real after death —
Everything transforms into magic —
Celebration for a life —
Well experienced with all that’s tragic.

All we have is forever —
There’s nothing to fear in work and time —
For all labors will vanish —
Better to relax in perfect rhyme.

All we have is forever —
We’re all children playing with the stars —
Forever in the cosmos —
Where there are no guns and spite and wars.

Reality is a dream —
Every one of us is still asleep —
Someday we will understand —
What we create is not ours to keep.

All we have is forever —
We’re each other’s sunshine after all —
In the here and now, there’s pain —
Until the day we receive our call.

To the girl who I will marry


In this blink of a lifetime
I’ve come a long way
Like waiting for the sunset
In Manila bay.

Your hand is my hand
My lips are solely for yours
I’ve made my heart soft
For a love that long endures.

Today, is the time
I become one with someone
Here and now, we are
Eternal — man and woman.

I promise you that
I will always be caring —
For you, my love will
Always be worth the suffering.

The seasons may pass
Summers, monsoons and the fall —
You are my every
Day, afternoon, and nightfall.

And each time I wake
This heart always beats your breath —
Sleep so tenderly
I will hold you till’ my death.

All eternity 
Awaits our life to unfold —
Darling, here’s to us
We are now forever gold.

The calm poem


just chill.


find a stillness in you,
a river of peace.


make a boat, 
make it simple and don’t rush.


and take your time.


be grateful,
for the resources of your boat.


be appreciative,
for your strength and ingenuity.


just chill.


and take your time 
for the current and the wind to be in favor with your pace.


are a sailor of destiny


towards the unknown with soft faith.


down into the fall you go


just chill.


and finally, an ocean of serendipity.


seagulls of enlightenment.

You are going to make it someday


have faith 
& breathe a little.


it will all be okay.


where you want to be
may seem so far away.


be thankful 
for who you are today.




success is a journey
& what matters is the progress
& the steps you’ve taken this day.


just be mindful
& do not dwell on the troubles of yesterday.


have faith
& breathe a little.


it will all be okay.


it gets so dark 
you begin to lose your way.


it gets so stressful
you should allow yourself to smile & play.




through the chaos of existence
& remember that despite your storms 
& struggles, you are always on your way.


may beauty 
be the reason that you 
push through no matter what anyone will say.


take in art.
express art.


be art.
you have always been beautiful in your own way.


is a form of growing.


just be you each & every day.