Survivor’s Strength


Never apologize for not being the same person other’s loved before the trauma. You are allowed to recreate yourself. You are allowed to reinvent your character, your sense of style and your hobbies. You are allowed to redefine your goals, your values and your vision of what makes a fulfilling life. That’s how you transform from being a victim towards becoming the survivor of your dreams.

Calm is a Superpower


your peace
is your peace.


may it be the most sacred
thing that you own.


learn to develop it
in yourself.


learn to create it to the point
where it celebrates your way of living
in harmony with yourself.


for the calmer you become,
the more flowing you will be.


your peace
is your peace.


have a good cry.


make your room dark.


have a moment of silence
as you lay your head down your pillow.


and be uninterruptedly alone.


the chaos becomes too much for your senses.


find strength in your solitude.


you deserve to feel aligned like all the stars
in the universe are beginning to shine within you.

23 Lessons from Eeyore

1. It’s okay not to be happy all the time.
2. The world is exhausting because it’s too optimistic that it hurts.
3. It could be worse.
4. Some mornings are just meant to be terrible.
5. Some people will never get tired of your tiredness. Love them.
6. Some friends will outgrow you, but that doesn’t mean that they no longer care for you.
7. Some friends will outshine you, but that doesn’t mean that they no longer love you for being you.
8. It’s okay to be alone and not feel lonely.
9. It’s okay to be alone, especially if it’s a Saturday night at your house.
10. Sometimes the truth is nobody will be there at your most jaded moments.
11. Embrace solitude.
12. Not expecting too much from life can protect you from disappointments.
13. Pessimists can be great thinkers.
14. Talking slow and dull doesn’t mean you’re stupid.
15. You can be sad and still go on adventures with the people who notice you for who you really are, and that’s alright.
16. You can be sad and still be helpful even though you’re usually the helpless one.
17. Don’t take life too seriously.
18. But having a nice tail is important. Your aestheticness, style, and fashion are important. Just looking good at a new cute outfit can make your day.
19. The rain will one day stop, and everything will feel beautiful but it would rain again, and that’s life.
20. There are people who will always remember your birthday and would go the extra mile to make you feel special.
21. The void between sadness and satisfaction can be filled with sarcasm.
22. It’s all going to be okay no matter how bad, terrible or severe things would get and it would get worse eventually, but you’ll survive.
23. Like the grey donkey, don’t forget to be grateful and say “Thanks for noticin’ me,”