Death, Grief & Loss Poetry



Confessions of a Wallflower, my debut poetry collection, is #30 in death, grief & loss poetry! Thank you so much to everyone who purchased. It means so much. ❤  

This piece of my soul is available here:

A Picture of My Book


Thank you scassato from Germany for taking a picture of my book ❤ It means a lot. ✿ Wishing you hope, love, and healing. ✨

Confessions of a Wallflower my debut poetry collection is available here: 

Mental Health Awareness Month

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It’s National Mental Health Awareness Month. 

Confessions of a Wallflower is a collection of poetry, prose, quotes, and personal journals that talks about my own experiences with mental illness, self-love, love, loss, and healing when I was 19 years old. It’s a journey to pain, sorrow, and suffering where the only destination is hope.

This piece of my soul is available for sale here: ✿

National Poetry Month

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It’s national poetry month! Write those poems! Read those poetry books! It would be a lovely time to support the works of poets like me. ❤ 

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