My Poetry Collections πŸ’™

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Confessions of a Wallflower (2017) & I Am The Architect of My Own Destruction (2018) are available here: πŸ’™ They’re not the perfect Christmas gift, but they’re still something. πŸ™‚ Wishing you hope, love and healing this holiday season. πŸ’™


Autumn Sale πŸ’™

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My booksΒ Confessions of a Wallflower (2017) & I Am The Architect of My Own Destruction (2018)Β are now available for a much lower price. πŸ™‚

From $12 to $8 I’m earning very less per book sold, but I want to spread some of my feelings this melancholic season. πŸ’™

Feel free to message me once you purchase them. πŸ’™ As an independent writer, I would love to talk to anyone who supports what I love. πŸ’™

You can grab a copy of Confessions of a Wallflower here: 🌷

You can grab a copy of I Am The Architect of My Own Destruction here: 🌷

Wishing you all hope, love, and healing, my fellow WordPress friends. ✨

Poetry Collection Copy

Book 1

I wrote this collection 2 years ago.

Message me at if you want a pdf copy in exchange for an honest Goodreads review.ΒΒ πŸ’™

Thank you so much.Β πŸ’™

Lovely Books


Confessions of a Wallflower together with good poetry collections and a cat. ❀ Thank you for the continuous support for my first poetry collection. ❀ I hope you can also consider purchasing my latest collection I Am The Architect of My Own Destruction. ✿ 

Confessions of a Wallflower: A Poetry Collection About Love, Hope and Depression

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From my first poetry collection Confessions of a Wallflower ❀

Purchase it here: ❀

Confessions of a Wallflower (Last Promotion) πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

COAW πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Confessions of a Wallflower is my first poetry collection. I published this tender part of my soul when I was nineteen. I am 21 now, and a lot has changed for me. Confessions of a Wallflower is a really sad piece of literature but at the same time romantic, hopeful and deeply personal. It’s simply about surviving severe depression which until this day is not an easy task. Confessions of a Wallflower is really cheap for 300 pages, and it’s very easy to read. I only receive half a dollar for every person who chooses to purchase the book (it costs $9), and it’s not really about the money for me to be honest. It’s about something much greater like spreading hope because sometimes that’s the most powerful thing. So yeah this might be the last time I’ll promote Confessions of a Wallflower, and I suck at advertising or marketing or whatever. And if there’s only one thing I can say about this piece of literature, it’s this: it has been loved all over the world, and I am deeply grateful for everyone who has read it. The next collection I’ll be releasing soon will be very dark, simplistic and personal. I love you all. ✿

You can purchase Confessions of a Wallflower here: ✿

Retiring My Book

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I may retire Confessions of a Wallflower soon so get it while you still can. A much better collection will be self-published in June. Wishing you all hope, love, and healing. ✨