A New Life

The saddest thing about recovery is the illusion that you will be your old self again. When you are in recovery, you are in the process of becoming a new person with new set of ways to cope, with new set of ways to recharge and with new set of ways to find happiness. It’s basically starting a new life whether you like it or not.

5 thoughts on “A New Life

  1. Agree, when in the depths of depression we strive to be how we used to be, misguided illusion that recovery means stepping back in time to a place where none of this has happened. Every experience shapes us and in accepting the bad as well as the good we can learn and grow. I am most definitely not the person I used to be, I’m a better, more accepting and more complete person, because of my difficulties and I embrace that.

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  2. Sometimes the only thing you can do is aim for who you were, when you see what you’ve become and see the downward trend. It’s hard to aim for a new if you are so certain the new will follow the current progression of bad to worse.
    Every time I recover it’s like I lose something that made me me. It’s better to hope for a me that is now dead than recognise the decay of the new.

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