Life’s but a walking shadow, Shakespeare wrote.


If there’s no other way.

If there’s nothing that can make these obsessions go away.

Then nothing in this world could make me stay.Β 


I have a date in mind, and that’s March 3, 2019, my original plan since I was in the process of writing my second poetry collection. I guess this is my fate and I have 122 days left on this blue planet of ours.

Sometimes I wonder what’s beyond this human existence. I hope it will be lovely. But there’s always an idea in the back of my head that there’s nothing. It will be like fading into an eternal sleep where I’ll never wake up.

Suicide is now my shield for suffering. I’ll focus on the things that matter to me before I depart. In the end, I’ll always be alone, and it’s better to die alone peacefully than to live alone and forever stand at the edge of insanity.


Life will be over before I know it.

13 thoughts on “Life’s but a walking shadow, Shakespeare wrote.

  1. How do you know you will stand forever at the edge of insanity. What if a slight shift in perspective found you standing at the edge of promise? Giving oneself permission to change the mind-set is always possible, especially when it is intertwined with hope.

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  2. you’re a guy far too talented with words. i genuinely hope you would stick around longer with us. one day you will look back feeling grateful and discover that this planet isn’t so bad after all, a lot could change then who knows.

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  3. Please don’t do this. Life is hard, I know things must be hard for you right now…but don’t end it. Beauty and happiness is waiting for you just around the corner. It’s worth staying alive. It really is.
    Please stay alive. You are in my prayers.

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