August 9, 2018


I understand actually, what it’s like to feel like the only way to understand the pain is to self-destruct. Real family or friends aren’t there all the time for me and most of the time loneliness consumes me when they’re nowhere to be found. That’s why there’s cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol because sometimes I don’t have that option that others have which is to reach out. But when I finally have the chance to talk to someone I don’t. I have a problem with trusting people, and I love sleeping pills too much.

11 thoughts on “August 9, 2018

  1. *gasp* I’m sorry that is happening to you! Yeah, it sucks when you don’t have anyone in your recovery journey to support you. And knowing (or at least TRYING to know) if someone is worth trusting is a hard thing to do, because even you THINK you trust someone or that you THINK a person will support you, it is terribly disappointing when you find out you were wrong. And then the only thing you begin to trust is that people CAN’T be trusted. Such a horrible cycle. While being on social media can be a hit or miss, especially when it comes to being…well…social. But here on WordPress, I feel that it’s a pretty safe place to connect with others. Most bloggers here a pretty reasonable and decent people, which I’m grateful for because sites like Facebook, not so much. If you put up an opinion on a post it’s always posed as a “fact” to others or you find yourself arguing with petty people with petty arguments. Here, we’re all on the same or similar boat trying to keep encouraging one another, which is even real to find in real life. Even if we disagree on something, we do it maturely unlike people on sites like Facebook. If you need someone to talk to, just shoot me a message and I’ll reply as soon as possible. 🙂

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