Born With Tragedy


“But how can we heal with all these tragedies flowing in our blood?” She asked.

“We don’t,” I replied as I held her hand. “The reality of life is that some storms end while some storms don’t. Some dark clouds will follow us all our lives. Dark clouds that remind us of our failures, our inner mental demons and our powerlessness over some things that make it extremely difficult to get on with everyday life.”

“So how can we survive?”

“We survive in moments. Moments when someone who we genuinely care for gives us a glimpse of their own darkness, and that’s when we begin to remember that there’s light, so much light to be found in revealing our own darkness to someone who chooses to embrace it.”

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  1. I recently realised that about some dark clouds. I’m not okay with some of them following me for the rest of my life but I’m ‘warming up’ to the idea…

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