Happy National Poetry Month

Lonely Blue Boy


Happy National Poetry Month to you all. I’ve been feeling nothing lately like everything I do feels pointless which isn’t doing me any good. I’m currently in the process of creating my next collection which tackles about the loneliness of human existence and self-destruction, suicidal feelings, being in an unhealthy relationship, my mental illness and how I’m recovering through the art of mindfulness and overall it’s about finding hope and growth and stars and flowers and beauty and survival despite the meaningless of life and finding the meaning to my own suffering. 

Confessions of a Wallflower isn’t a book that I’m entirely proud of, and maybe it’s because I write differently now compared to my 19-year-old self, but I’m still happy that I did create this book even if some parts of it makes me cringe at the here and now. I hope you consider purchasing it to support my…

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6 thoughts on “Happy National Poetry Month

  1. It is a lovely book, and it is an important marker on the path of your creative life and a testament to your bravery in sharing intensely personal things. Keep writing, you have so much beauty within you, and we are privileged when you share it.

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  2. Mr. Dizon, pointless or not you owe it to the Lord above not to be self centered. Wag mong isipin ang buhay mo walang katuturan, meron yan. Write it out, keep going with poetry. Never stop writing, its inside you. Waiting for you to become who really are. Keep up the good work. Be proud and prideful in the work you do. K.

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