This Is The Unedited Truth About Self-Help Content (And Why You May Not Be Seeing Results)

Self-Help Books

Dreams are manifested into reality in two words: Taking Action.

The person who you are today is whole. The person who you are today has a strong vision for herself. The person who you are today learns not in theory but in reality which is The Process. The person who you are today is growing for her own self.

Life is not simply full of learning materials but rather full of learning experiences if you have the guts to take action. The reason you may have been consuming so much self-help information by watching YouTube video after YouTube video. Scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter looking at motivational quote after motivational quote. Reading through new information after new information is simply because you’re interested in becoming a better version of yourself and there’s nothing fundamentally wrong about wanting to achieve a life filled with excellence. There’s nothing wrong with buying self-help books or enrolling in online courses from motivational gurus. I’m just saying that there needs to be a limit to the time you spend learning new content after new content.

Self-help is good, there’s no doubt about that but always keep in mind that consuming self-help without taking the right action is simply mental masturbation.

I think there may be people out there who are thinking that knowledge is power, but I have an unpopular opinion which is this: Applied knowledge is power.

The more you take action, the more it gets natural. Your passion simply becomes your passion. It becomes gorgeous and fun. Sometimes action will feel like work, and that’s okay. Welcome to the human experience. The resistance you feel to get out of bed, answer an important email, or make some calls is natural and simply okay because it gives you the opportunity to beat that resistance that will make the courage that’s already inside you bloom.

You’re a flower, and too much rain will kill you. So take care of your mental health by being mindful of the amounts of information you feed your brain on a daily basis by creating a healthy balance between taking information and taking action, and that takes perseverance.

You just need a few books, a few videos, and a few words of wisdom to truly grow as you walk through the fields of massive actions and the sun, the birds, and the clouds will be beautiful there. So start.

Start with the wisdom that you already have within you. Take knowledge in 10-30% percent of your day and then apply it 70-90% of your day. Then get the results. Then see what actions make those results consistent. And if you’re kind enough, brave enough and human enough—share those results with the world.

20 thoughts on “This Is The Unedited Truth About Self-Help Content (And Why You May Not Be Seeing Results)

  1. I feel like so many people rely on others to help them. Therapists, pills, doctors, etc. What they fail to realize is, YOU are the only one who can really help you. I am a firm believer in what you think becomes you. It’s never easy managing mental illness but, it is not impossible. I myself have struggled with GAD for years and I do not take meds nor do I go to therapy. I rely solely on my own mindfulness and my own methods such as running, reading, and even writing. I loved this article. Very well said.

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  2. Absolutely right! If you’re going to the right places for self help, too (the ones that want you to succeed at first, rather than the ones who want to keep you coming back), they’ll tell you this, too.
    It’s something I learned from therapy: pretty words about how to be better and healthier are great. It can be a great comfort. However, if you never act on them, you never get better. You don’t learn to cook by sitting and reading cookbooks. You learn to cook by cooking. Living works just the same way.

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  3. You write so well. “Self-help is good, there’s no doubt about that but always keep in mind that consuming self-help without taking the right action is simply mental masturbation” This is hilarious and makes so much sense at the same time.

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  4. Well said. We live in the age of information overload. The deluge of facts and opinions that wash over us every time we access a screen, means we have to make a choice to edit it or drown in it. And yes, leaving energy for action is so very necessary if we mean to progress as individuals.

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