Happy National Poetry Month


Happy National Poetry Month to you all. I’ve been feeling nothing lately like everything I do feels pointless which isn’t doing me any good. I’m currently in the process of creating my next collection which tackles about the loneliness of human existence and self-destruction, suicidal feelings, being in an unhealthy relationship, my mental illness and how I’m recovering through the art of mindfulness and overall it’s about finding hope and growth and stars and flowers and beauty and survival despite the meaningless of life and finding the meaning to my own suffering. 

Confessions of a Wallflower isn’t a book that I’m entirely proud of, and maybe it’s because I write differently now compared to my 19-year-old self, but I’m still happy that I did create this book even if some parts of it makes me cringe at the here and now. I hope you consider purchasing it to support my life as a writer/poet as I pour my soul in creating my next collection. 

To the hundreds who have read, I am deeply grateful. ❤ Love, Juansen. ✿  

14 thoughts on “Happy National Poetry Month

  1. Poetry is magic. It speaks from the heart rather than from the mind and that is what makes it real. Is your book currently on sale? I would love to read it.

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      • only $1!!! What!! That is ridiculous! Thank you by the way. If your into poetry, have you read anything by Rupi Kaur? she is an amazing poet

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      • So the more pages you have, the less you get? I’m currently working on writing a book though I haven’t actually started writing it yet, I’m just getting the outline for chapter 1 done. I guess if 100 people in a day buy your book then that’s 100.00 but still

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  2. Congratulations on getting your work out there and having the perseverance to work it through. I’m still working on my book, though rather distracted by WordPress at the moment. Didn’t realise it was national poetry month, good to know 🙂

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