On Dealing With My Own Writer’s Block


This my writing problem: I’m indecisive with the words I want to choose. There are so many possible ways a piece of writing can manifest itself. I don’t know if I want to choose the word beautiful or lovely or gorgeous. I don’t know if I started a piece right or ended a piece wrong. I don’t know if I wrote something too early or too late. Feelings are so hard to put into words. That’s why I think it’s important to set deadlines so when it’s done; it’s done. There’s no need to play with it or jolly it up. There’s only the next poem or prose. Moving on to the next big or small piece of writing is the only way a writer can stay alive in the art of creating. It’s both simple and complicated like that.

10 thoughts on “On Dealing With My Own Writer’s Block

  1. I have just begun to not fuss with my stuff too much, work speedily and try to leave it as it was originally intended. I am finding the process much more enjoyable and the writing more honest. Your advice I am sure rings true for many.

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