Confessions of a Wallflower Poetry Collection Review

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Trying to express your inner feelings, understanding your inner demons, and explaining to your loved ones what you’ve been dealing with, is something that you can’t simply put into words. Especially when you are constantly afraid what people might think of you or how they might treat you differently; once you try your best to share your struggle that is not just simply a “sadness” sensation. However, Juansen Dizon poetry collection has helped me understand myself and comforted me with his words. He was able to describe a feeling that I couldn’t express or explain. Confession of a Wallflower is definitely worth reading. Like, seriously go buy it now. I can’t wait to buy his new book that’s sometime in April, I believe.Β 

β€” Amazon Review by Pandalystic 🌷

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    • I just checked. It’s currently available. ❀ I’ll be releasing a new collection soon so I hope that you’ll be a part of that journey as well. πŸ™‚ Wishing you hope, love, and healing. ✨

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