An Important Message To Fellow Self-Publishers/Aspiring Writers


Cheers to a new beginning!

I, Juansen Dizon, have been writing for almost two years now since I dropped out of college due to clinical depression and social anxiety. My first book Confessions of a Wallflower has been loved in a few hundreds of places around the world, and I’ve been getting some questions about my journey into the self-publishing world. And to summarize it all, it was hard. I didn’t sell as much as I expected because I was just a lone wolf in the self-publishing industry. I didn’t have any writer friends. I didn’t have that much of a fanbase/author brand. I wasn’t ready. With all honesty, I just self-published a book for the sake of self-publishing one and becoming an author before turning twenty. It’s just hard to be a self-made writer nowadays, and I understand the effort, the commitment, and the desire of most of us to be somehow fulfilled in the self-publishing world.

I realized that forcing my name into the self-publishing industry wasn’t efficient. I realized that being a lone wolf is just not the way to be. I think no writer in the self-publishing industry should be a lone wolf. I think we should be friends. I don’t want to be alone, and I don’t want anyone to be alone. Everyone’s stories deserve to be heard by people who also make stories. Poets are the backbone of the already booming self-publishing industry, and I believe that we can all grow together by supporting each other’s works by giving each other honest book reviews on sites like Goodreads. Promoting each other’s works all across social media. And inspiring each other’s creative spirits through mutual admiration and respect.

I have a strong, deep vision that this writing community will serve all of us. Imagine the love when people share the same passion. Imagine how our souls will dance together in flames. So let’s plant good seeds for our future dreams and ambitions. Let’s show the world the creativity that comes from honest, raw Tumblr poetry.

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  1. I did the same thing 2 years ago — self-published just because. I didn’t do any research on, well, anything. My books just sat there for over a year before I started doing any marketing. Now I’ve been marketing and networking for about 9 months and have had awesome results! We need to help each other out with stuff like this!

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