Exactly One Year Ago I Chose Life

Choose Life

Last year I was going through some really rough time. It was one of the worst suicidal moments in my life. I lost my sense of self. I was confused on who I really am as a person. I was just really lost and very depressed. I was vomiting, and I wasn’t eating because of all the anxiety that I was feeling. I was about to end it all by swallowing lots of paracetamol tablets, but I didn’t despite feeling like there was no end to the pain that I was feeling.Β 

What saved me was the thought that I can still express all my pain through poetry. And two books actually saved my life. It’s Kind of a Funny Story & All The Bright Places. Both novels inspired me to keep on living despite being suicidal and to share my story and my ideas when it comes to depression, self-love and healing on my debut poetry collection Confessions of a Wallflower.Β 

What also saved me was being with my family. That’s when I realized that there’s no greater anti-depressant than human love and connection. And that I am loved and that I will be missed if ever I did the act of suicide.

Thankfully I survived, and I am empowered to say that I am a suicide survivor.

34 thoughts on “Exactly One Year Ago I Chose Life

  1. So many of us suffer in silence, and being brave and humble as you are sharing your story gives us a sense of hope, connection and empowerment that we are not alone on this battle.

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  2. So glad you chose life ❀ You have managed to take your pain and turn it into something beautiful. The world needs people like you who serve as a beacon of strength and hope. πŸ™‚

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  3. Such phases come in every individual’s life and what is important is how one tackles it.Getting in its trap is the easy way out ,but if one is able to turn the face away from the situation and chooses the other path ,than that person is truly a blessed one .To be able to select the right path takes a lot of courage and strength and only the one who believes in his inner self and the Power above can do it.

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  4. I’m so happy you were able to turn things around for yourself, find inspiration through love and connection, and keep on challenging yourself to the everyday cycle of life. ❀ so, so happy for you.

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