The Chaos of Choice

Cheeseburger or double cheeseburger? Coke or Pepsi? To travel Asia or Europe? To marry or not to marry? To have kids or not to have kids? To have a dog or not to have a dog? To exercise or not to exercise? To choose the career that I love or money? To read a book or not to read a book? To love myself or not to love myself? To rent a house or to buy a house? To quit or not to quit? To smile or not to smile? To be kind or to be right? To learn the guitar or the piano? Each choice feels like opening another reality. Each choice feels like opening another door. What the fuck is the difference with all of these choices? How do we know if we’re still in control of who we really are as a person with free will when in an alternate reality we’ve made the exact opposite choice of what we did. How can we make the perfect choice to have more control and be the best versions of ourselves?


7 thoughts on “The Chaos of Choice

  1. Who says a choice has to be a “perfect” choice? Too much pressure to make every choice perfect when life is about discovery and about the fact that we have the ability to choose. We can discover where that choice took us.

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  2. Having a choice in everything we do in life is a blessing. Stop and remember how lucky you are to be able to have and make choices every single day for yourself. There are people in the world who have mental and or physical disabilities who can not make every day choices such as where they want to go each day or what they would like to eat. Everything is chosen for them and their day is planned out with out their say. Making choices is you putting your say in life. People have different opinions on what is a good choice and what is a bad one. In all honesty the “wrong choice” for you might be the “right one” for someone else. Who’s to say what’s a good choice and what’s a bad?

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  3. The privilege of making choices is not something everyone has. There are people in this work with mental and physical disabilities who can not make choices on their own. That being said who’s to say what is a “wrong” choice or a “ right” one. A choice one makes can be a so called wrong choice for you but it’s the right one for them.

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