Where do our decisions come from? They’re like a random sprinkle of rain on a hot summer day. How do we know if we’ve had collected the right data to act on a certain decision when in fact everything is infinite in our imaginations?


I find myself playing all the variables in my mind every time I make the simplest decision. I’m an extreme worrier. I do feel like I’m losing my mind sometimes. Even just typing these words right now are decisions and it bewilders me how naturally they just go through the pages.


So what is choice?  



In my own definition, choice is the basic proof that we have free will and with free will came chaos. Chaos because choice for me is the anxiety that comes before we act on a certain decision.


The anxiety of “what if”


What if we’re not wearing the right clothes?

What if we’re not acting the right way in front of people?

What if we’re not doing the best that we can to be the person that we want to be?


And it’s scary. To ruminate over the same things over and over again just because everything we do is forever done.


I should just be like a bird and just fly and fly and fly and be free on a hot, rainy summer day.


“Every path is the right path. Everything could have been everything else, and it will have just as much meaning.”

—Mr. Nobody


16 thoughts on “Choices

  1. I like this post a lot, and I know what you mean about the overwhelming nature of choice, when you start to analyse your own moment to moment decisions, the scope for failure seems terrifying. I just tell myself, there is no “right and wrong,” there is always a third way, a fifth way, and twentieth way! This seems to keep me sane 🙂 “In my own definition, choice is the basic proof that we have free will and with free will came chaos”- this just blew my mind a little bit, lol and I shall probably mull over it for some time.. thanks for sharing.

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  2. Perhaps thousands of choices daily that absolutely can overwhelm and take the joy out of free will. I am grateful for the creator who designed us in free will form, even though there is sometimes a great heaviness in the carrying of the burden of choice. I am confident that if I focus on the giver of life, choice and freedom and consider his immensity and love I will find comfort in the fact that he guides me and should I make the wrong choice, there is freedom and grace to choose again. ❤️

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  3. Dear Juansen, today when I read your post it just seemed like you are writing my mind but I’d also like to congratulate you to come forward and write such things which I’d dare not worrying how people will judge me.
    You are strong and brave, you may not realize this now but remember that you are not your mind and your mind does not always tell the truth. Your true being is closer to the supreme light and you will always make choices that will help you grow.


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