Where From Here?


I ask myself this question a thousand times a day as I plan my next move or as I dream about the future.


Where from here?


I close my eyes and see everything I want.

And then I open my eyes and see that I am so close to wanting nothing at all.


I am anxious that I may fail as a writer.

I am anxious that my words aren’t good enough.


Where from here?


I choose the path that’s closest to my heart.

My heart is my compass, and my heart is all I’ll ever need.



Where from here?


In this journey called life, it’s important to just focus on the road ahead. The past is the past, and there’s no need to travel back to it.

It’s all about the future and the present moment.

It’s all about the powerful act of moving forward that’s necessary to live a lovely life.


Where from here?


The clock is ticking; I must make my choice.

Sometimes the best choice is to choose nothing at all.

Sometimes nothing is everything because anything becomes possible.


Where from here?


I don’t know.

I don’t know.


I want to be everywhere.

I want to experience all the multitudes in me.


Where from here?


I am tired.

I am broken.


Sometimes being lost is how we find our path.

Sometimes nowhere seems like a better destination than somewhere.


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