Taking a break from Social Media to read Books until my Mind no longer wants to kill itself

“I am the architect of my own destruction.” —Unknown







13 thoughts on “Taking a break from Social Media to read Books until my Mind no longer wants to kill itself

  1. The problem is, for we your concerned readers, is cutting yourself off a good thing really?? If the books you choose to read are the right sort then you can be healed, if they are the wrong ones then, as you well know, they can destroy all the good work of the past few months. Maybe a break from social media, but not from reality and your support network. If the work you have done to get this far is no finished, revisit it with those that helped you before. You are too beautiful and creative a person to be lost to the world. Dxx

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  2. A yo! If you need to talk man let me know… but you can’t stop writing at all… I won’t allow it! Your one of the greatest and you don’t even know it shorty. You don’t even work hard at it. Yet you put you heart and emotions to it property. Man I’m gunna be real with you… I’m sitting outside a court room right now bout to find out if I’m going to prison or going home.. bottom line is to be strong no matter what bullshit life puts you through. And I know we don’t talk much but I’ve been down that isolated road man many time… but you and me have life… we can do what the hell we want to change it for the better so please keep writing hommie and don’t let go…..👍😎✊

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  3. Books can be a great escape, yes, but you must be careful what you read when dealing with depression, especially with suicidal thoughts. A break from social media can also help, but please don’t hide away from everyone. Isolation is never a good way to deal.

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  4. Your honesty is a beautiful thing. The world needs honesty instead of the masks we force ourselves to wear. Two steps forward, one step back. It’s OK and normal to not make leaps all the time. You just finished a leap. The overall arc is what we are after here. How is the overall arc of your rainbow shaping up. You are on a good arc. One gift we have all been given: the ability to make our own choices. We can sit with the setback and listen to it then choose to keep climbing upward, even if an inch, yes, an inch at a time. You will be all right. You will make it.

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  5. Have more faith in yourself, Juansen! You have been doing well for quite sometime. Most of all, have faith in the Divine Being that kept you whole for all this time. Let His divine power embrace you and surrender to Him all the fears and doubts in your mind. He loves you. He will not forsake you. You are the “captain of your ship”. Let it be known that you are in command of yourself. Believe!!!

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