I want to be thoughtfully, intentionally, realistically, and hardworkingly hopeful at least 60% of my life. Starting from today.


13 thoughts on “Hopeful

  1. Want and desire along with strength (maybe stubbornness) will get you to where you want to be, will get you to happy! I read your ‘story so far’, I can relate … right down to the alternate reality.
    I think perhaps you are having a few things play into where you are now, intelligence level? (I bet it’s high), personality type? have you taken the 16 personality test? and you sound like a ruminator, (in your mind, ideas) …
    Perhaps your other doc was having a problem understanding because they are not all signs of mental health issues, some are but some are just smarts and personality – it may be a big picture thing, not a problem to be fixed thing! It was for me anyway …
    Good luck! I’m now trying to help my own kids … I’m hoping to get a younger perspective here! 😀

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