The Things That Make Us Endure


Listen: I am okay with being sad. It’s my standard emotion that actually helps me find genuine happiness. What I am not okay with is being anxious all the time. I dread it. The feeling that everything in my life feels so wrong. Like nothing ever goes perfect or right. Like I don’t know what it is that I should do to feel at peace with myself again. And I become so overwhelmed by my mistakes and imperfections that I become frozen into the place where my anxiety drags me: hopelessness. And I think that hopelessness is the most self-destructive emotion because it drags me down into a much more oblivious and dreadful place filled with repeating self-loathing thoughts and tears where I can only think of one thing: suicide. And that’s why I think that human love and connection is so important for people like me who suffers from mental illness because love, belongingness, and understanding—these are the things that make us endure when our desire to live has finally come to an end.


26 thoughts on “The Things That Make Us Endure

  1. Always remember you are loved. Mental illness torments me so I understand. Try to remember that the darkness is always greater right before the dawn. That helps me get through the times of despair. I hope it helps you.

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  2. I totally agree with you, Juansen. Those three elements – love, belongingness and understanding – are very essential for any person to endure all the trials and hardships in life. When faith starts to falter but all these three are present, they booster up our failing faith and confidence in ourselves. Good writing!

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  3. I can relate to hopelessness. And since my mom, her mom, and my father’s sister killed themselves, I think suicide runs in my veins. I have woken up with that I-give-up spirit many times. Keep writing. Sometimes it’s the only thing that helps.

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