Falling Apart


I always feel like giving up when I feel like my life is falling apart. But I think the truth is that there isn’t such a thing as a life falling apart. A life falling apart is simply a life that is changing extremely in a way we don’t expect it to. So if you feel like your life is falling apart—know that right now—you are simply trying to understand what this extreme change means for you because that’s life. We just have to learn to let go and appreciate the beauty, love, and sadness that comes with its ups and downs because life is like a river and we just have to learn to go with the flow. So smile, cry, laugh, and go crazy and realize that life is just a joke and we’ll all be laughing once death makes its final punch line.


19 thoughts on “Falling Apart

  1. You’re so right, it is mainly change and not an end. Amazing how many people can’t see that, I think it’s great and profound you can. I know friends in their retirement years who still haven’t seen that. It took me years to understand it too. I don’t cope with change well, it makes me uncomfortable. I was so bad over change when I was younger, I would take a poster off my bedroom wall, replace it with a new one, move a few other ones around, then feel so uncomfortable about the change I’d pull them all down again, put them back where they were, leaving my newly bought poster rolled up and unseen. God, I was quite a fragile thing. I moved on and grew out of that eventually **sigh** Keep going with the flow Juansen! 🙂

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  2. It is not because am sad today. But seriously my biggest wish is to smile and say thank you to mother earth just before I die. That can be anytime, I have even already lived older than many princess Diana included. And yes thoughts of falling apart are actually big life lessons too

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