I like having scars. I like having anything that reminds me that I am not perfect. That’s how I stay true to myself.


11 thoughts on “Scars

  1. Really? Are you talking about physical scars or mind ones? I keep reading a lot of quotes on that subject at the moment – being proud of scars. Something to do with January? I’ve got a lot of scars from an illness long ago. It’s terrifying how our own bodies can rip us apart. Most people I know with scars they’ve acquired them in injuries, and they loathe them. Mine are strange. I really hate them, I’ve hated them for years. They do fade with age, which is good. But when I look at my scars, they remind me of a terrible time I wish I could forget, plus they diminish confidence, they’re not pretty to look at. I’m glad you don’t feel bad, you don’t want to be like me.

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