My Materialistic Heart



22 thoughts on “My Materialistic Heart

      • Fair enough 🙂 I didn’t mean it offensively either btw, I actually do think that the concept of “laziness” is really unhelpful. It makes people dismiss actual problems such as depression, or ignore that they have genuine aversions to a certain task that they could explore and perhaps ameliorate. Anyways, this is a topic close to my heart, but I’ll stop waxing lyrically 😛 I’m building a tool to help people explore their motivations and aversions for things they’re avoiding though, keep an eye out for that 😀

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  1. Things,
    Material things, spiritual things, things money can’t buy, what kind of things are you wanting? I feel that the hardest problem we have today is finding where we belong. Finding our talent. What we as one are meant to do. We are all lazy when it comes to sometging we have no intresting in doing. My definition of lazy is the lack of willingness to apply effort to anyone thing because of a lack of intrest. What is your intrest? What is your passion? So many people never find it. They get a 9 to 5 and never look back. Those who graduate Harvard are told upon graduation the hell with the degree. Do what you love and the money will come. I know sites like youtube pay you for adds once an account has been monitized. You should look at getting an addsense account. It’s free and it’s how you get paid for the advertising on your sites. You need to know where you are going to you can plan a path to get where you want to be. Also remember you become like those whom you surrond yourself with. Always be around people who have been where you want to go and when you get to be the biggest fish in your pond move to a bigger pond. You can’t keep growing in a tiny tank surronded by minos.

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  2. 1. Believe: CHOOSE to speak to your self in possibilities and paint a future of what you desire, 2. Act: ask what action will get me there that also serves others? 3. Commit: nothing happens if it stays in the mind, you have to activate, take action and commit to it until you succeed. IT IS ALL UP TO YOU

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  3. You decide to change, you decide to get up and go after what you want. However, it sounds like scared should replace the word lazy. We fear change because what we have is familiar regardless of the level of dysfunction.
    Change takes hard work and leads us in to the unknown.
    Its the only way though. We do!

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  4. You need Not cry. You cannot be lazy. One has to work for what you want. Even work towards being happy and to heal and even to be rich and prosperous. Work hard you will succeed. I have worked very hard to recover from depression after 15 years. I cried but now I do not cry. I have found my passion. My path my goal. Know what your passion is. Then you will be happy. Best of Luck, Love and Light 🙂 ❤

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