Cause and Effect


When you tell me you love me too, do you mean it? Because it feels like you don’t. Because I never have the chance to tell you I love you too because you never tell me you love me right up front. I’m always the cause, and you’re always the effect. And I want to be the effect so bad that I’m begging you right now to be the cause. Because I am tired of always being the first one to say I love you. I am sick of being prime. I am sick of being genesis. I am sick of being the first one to worship your majesty. And now I think I’m losing faith. I’m losing hope. So let me be the first one to say I hate you. Now I’m the cause.


12 thoughts on “Cause and Effect

      • Yeah. I was mad about that last night. I’m not sure why some people think it is acceptable to expect someone to always be there for them when they are always emotionally unavailable. I hate that people only call or text when they want something. I miss when people just came by to sit, and just spend time together. Now it’s so different. The world is obsessed with being occupied, and instant gratification. I think the more connected people become to their phone the less connected they are to the world, and people around them.

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