We Are Winning Against Stigma


I must say that the advocacy against mental health stigma is thriving.

We are on the winning side in this constant battle. And that is because of the people who openly and shamelessly post about their mental illness on social media not because they’re attention seekers but because they want to prove to society that mental illness is not a made up fairy tale.

So to the girl who posted a picture of how thin she was because of anorexia and how she gained weight now, I am proud that you’re eating well now.

To the boy who posted a picture of his scars half a year ago, I am proud that you’re not cutting yourself anymore. And that takes a lot of courage and willpower. Well done.

And to everyone who writes, muse, or make poems about mental illness, I am happy that you are alive in this universe because you have a story to tell that may change people’s lives forever.

Brothers and sisters. As long as we don’t kill ourselves, we will not be oppressed. We will win this war. There is hope.

29 thoughts on “We Are Winning Against Stigma

  1. Beautifully said. We must fight stigma together and show everyone we can recover and we have a illness. It’s our voice that reaches out and changes stigma. We are survivors and together we are strong.

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  2. It takes a lot of courage and a strength to bare yourself open… so those who do so should be celebrated!!!
    I am still on that journey to fully overcoming depression and believing in myself, and God has been faithful.
    I’m celebrating you as well darling… don’t stop writing!!!

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