I think she liked me in a way.

Isn’t that strange? Not being sure of a person’s feelings for you. But I guess that was always the scenario with me and her. Full of uncertainty and maybes.

The kind of relationship you see in couples who’re not official but could be in the future with a little teaspoon of doubt. And it’s hard. Being in love with a girl who only might think of you as a friend or a partner in crime or worse—a brother.

But still. If she only sees me as a friend or a partner in crime or a brother—then I have no choice but to treat her the same and hope that someday—my love for her would evaporate like water dancing in the wind.


13 thoughts on “Friendzone

  1. I can totally relate to the feeling. And I love that you used Tom and Summer’s picture. Haha! Being friendzoned is hard, but it may be better. IDK, really.

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